Pacer Group – A Wire & Electrical Cable Manufacturer Offering Custom Solutions & Value Added Products

home-imagePacer’s array of capabilities begins with wire and cable manufacturing and progresses with customer focused solutions, with offerings such as battery cable assembly, wire harness assembly, instrument and dash panel design, and complete electrical system integration.

Pacer is a wire manufacturer of a variety of UL and SAE tinned and bare copper wire and cable products serving the Marine, Automotive, RV, Golf Cart, Alternative Energy, Battery Backup/UPS, Appliance, Agricultural, Truck, Material Handling, and other industries.

Pacer Group’s wire and cable products range from 18 AWG wire to 4/0 battery cable and are available in both round multi-conductor and flat configurations. Our boat wire, marine cable, and electrical products are ideal for original equipment manufacturers producing boats, yachts, and other types of vehicles. Wire, cable, and marine specific boat wire from Pacer are designed to last, are easy to install, and can withstand rigorous environments that are common in marine vessels and industrial vehicles.

Wire Harnesses, Dash Panels, Boat & Battery Cable Manufacturing for a Wide Range of Original Equipment Manufacturers

Pacer’s unique integrated capabilities include:

  • Competitively priced cable and wire
  • Shipping wire and cable products from an extensive inventory
  • Critical value-added solutions like wire striping and wire put-up processing
  • Cost effective battery cable and battery cable assembly solutions
  • Fully engineered electrical systems including wire harnesses and instrumentation panels
  • Decorative finishes to enhance customers’ products

Pacer’s unique differentiator is the vertical integration from cable and wire manufacturing to wire harnesses assembled with clear labeling to unique high quality custom control panels.

Wire cost has grown significantly over the past decade, and Pacer has maintained a unique ability to manufacture, stock, and configure wire, cable, and other electrical parts by shipping from stock and customizing reel and put-up quantities to meet specific customer requirements. This allows customers to receive exactly what their products require without waste, excess inventory, or scrap.

For more information on how Pacer can help find the electrical cable and wire, wiring harnesses, and control and dash panel solutions to enhance your company’s products, please contact a Pacer expert today.

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